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small tidbits to munch on this weekend... [Feb. 20th, 2004|02:17 pm]
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Okie dokie folks--a small update!

So J.Lo and Marc Antony--together...or not---I don't really care but the Daily News is saying it's a do. Another interesting fact- Puffy gave J.Lo a $700,000 necklace for Valentines day. If I were Kim Porter *one of his baby's mammas and current girl* I'd be pissed as all get out!

Speaking of Puffy- one of the rappers on his label- Loon-- was arrested and I believe will be in jail for a little bit.

William Hung--the American Idol reject--literally--the 'she bangs' guy just got a record deal and a music video deal--what is wrong with this world!

So as I reported before David Guest and Dianna Ross---but getting married? That's apparently what the 'odd' twosome will be doing as soon as possible.

former choreographer and back up dancer- who was linked to Britney Spears is coming out and saying 'yes he slept with her, but there was no sex'. He does say she was the reason for the break up of his marriage. And the feelings they both had were strong, but Brit's mom stepped in and told Brit to get out of the situation. So Brit dropped the feelings, and him as a dancer---as in he's fired. So now divorced and fired--he's firing back with a little bit of his own.

As I reported Usher and Chilli broke up--but two sides are coming out. Both agree its over..but Usher says their friends...Chilli on the other hand says no way- that he's nothing like he portrays himself to be.

Ahh celebrity love affairs!

And thats wrap for today folks..enjoy and remember--our lives are complicated, we all need an escape--why not look at the people who make FAR too much money and go--well at least I'm not alone.

till next time.