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be happy about something [Oct. 10th, 2004|04:35 pm]
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Join a new community at beproud

beproud post this in your journal to spread some sort of happiness

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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2004|07:41 pm]
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and so the gossip goes......
Because its not fun...until you gossip:

The preggo rumors: now, up Jennifer Aniston has yet to reach a full trimester, so don't exepect an announcement till after that.
Liv Tyler and hubby Royston are expecting.
J.Lo, rumors are circling the same about first full trimester than anouncement.

New Couple alert:
Joel from Good Charlotte and Hilary Duff
Lil' John and Christina Milian
Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass--not so NSYNC
Story goes the two members of Nsync were at a pool party didn't speak to one another nor would they go into the pool when the other was in it.
V. grown up I tell you!

Brit's reps confirmed, she IS engaged.
Speaking of quickie nups, turns out Jennifer Lopez ordered her wedding cake before Marc Anthony's divorce was even finalized. Yep, keeping with ghetto booty from the block for sure.

Side note: interesting Brit 'hurt' her knee just before her tour, that was apparently horrible and she was hating, was set to start back up..isn't it? Insiders are definitely speculating.

All you OC fans turns out that Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) won't be a regular on The O.C. next season. At least that according to E's Kristen- and she tends to be right on with this kind of stuff.

A reason to love Graham Norton's show on E' check out this quote :

"People who have [plastic] surgery don't look younger; they just look differently old. A good drinking game is to watch a daytime soap and have a drink every time an actress moves an eyebrow. You'll stay sober for days."

Part 2
Yes, Mary-Kate has been admitted, but did anyone doubt she had a problem? Have you seen recent pictures? Hopefully she'll get better and realize to be a stick is not attractive.

Paris cheated on Nick Carter...true! At Maxim magazines party she was making out with everyone's favorite rebound guy- Jared Leto (See Cammy Diaz, B. Spears, Scarlett J, etc...)

Justin Timberlake announced in an Australian show that he was going to focus his carreer on the movies, looks like a new cd won't be coming any time soon.

J.Lo is so disgustingly rich, and bored with her money she just hired another person for her entourage- a shoe fastner--yep....completely true. Is she preggo? thats what the sources are saying.

Is Brit getting married...again? Her reps aren't denying it, thats for sure. Word is Kevin F. (her boy toy) proposed.

Beyonce will team up with Tommy Hilfger for a new perfume out this Oct. 'True Star'

And if you want to see the goods have the women in the world have seen? as in Colin Farrell's penis? well get the DVD of his new movie when it comes out. THe new movie coming out in the next month "Home at the end of the world", it was cut from the movie, but Farrell wants it on the DVD.

and thats that
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a little bit to chew on [Mar. 1st, 2004|11:19 pm]
Gossip Guru

Ok sorry for not updating last week--things have been crazy here! I promise to make up for it this week. Tomorrow I'll have a bigger update.

For now:

Solange Knowles 17 (Beyonce's sister) got married to D. Smith. A college football player from Houston. They married in the Bahama's and before you ask--yes the parents were there and approve. Crazy ass if you ask me. But does this mean maybe Beyonce will be getting engaged sometime soon too?

Since I'm slow and maybe this isn't news, but Charlize T. as in Oscar winner last night is engaged to long time cute Irish boyfriend Stuart T. just adorable!

Christina A. a diva? You betcha- she was at a hot spot NY restaurant and when she was asked for her order..she whispered it to one of the other people at the table and had them order it!

Dukes of Hazzard has signed on Ashton K and Paul Walker--but now its a fight for Daisy Duke. Britney was supposed to be the winner, but on her heels is Jessica Simpson- who appartently might truly get the role.

Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder might possibly be guest judges for an upcoming episode of American Idol next season. And according to Billboard.com Barry Manilow is going to appear on the show as a guest judge on April 19th and 20th. The episode will feature the contestants performing Manilow songs and he will perform himself on the April 20th episode.
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bottom of the barrel [Mar. 1st, 2004|01:37 pm]
Gossip Guru
I just saw this clip from forever eden and it is pretty tragic. This can't be the real cast. I think the show premieres tonight at 9/8c.

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something to chew on [Feb. 22nd, 2004|10:10 pm]
Gossip Guru

Some fun gossip to chew on for the Monday Blues:

Catherine Zeta-Jones switched agencies because she honestly believes Nicole Kidman gets a first look at all the good scripts.

I ask- what about 'Chicago'?

Speaking of the talented Ms. Kidman- rumor has it her and beau Lenny Kravitz are together again. They were seen cuddling and canoodling watching a small concert.

Matt Damon may be in love, so much for bachelor days, he's been spotted being smitten with lovely Italian Luciana Bozar---she's been all around Italy with him and on the set of his movie, "The Bourne Supremacy".

Rapper Nelly and R&B songbird Ashanti- are together, but want to keep things low key because they're both such sex symbols.

Courtney Thorne-Smith (Melrose Place, About Jim) has called off her wedding to her boyfriend, just 4 months before the planned wedding.
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small tidbits to munch on this weekend... [Feb. 20th, 2004|02:17 pm]
Gossip Guru

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Okie dokie folks--a small update!

So J.Lo and Marc Antony--together...or not---I don't really care but the Daily News is saying it's a do. Another interesting fact- Puffy gave J.Lo a $700,000 necklace for Valentines day. If I were Kim Porter *one of his baby's mammas and current girl* I'd be pissed as all get out!

Speaking of Puffy- one of the rappers on his label- Loon-- was arrested and I believe will be in jail for a little bit.

William Hung--the American Idol reject--literally--the 'she bangs' guy just got a record deal and a music video deal--what is wrong with this world!

So as I reported before David Guest and Dianna Ross---but getting married? That's apparently what the 'odd' twosome will be doing as soon as possible.

former choreographer and back up dancer- who was linked to Britney Spears is coming out and saying 'yes he slept with her, but there was no sex'. He does say she was the reason for the break up of his marriage. And the feelings they both had were strong, but Brit's mom stepped in and told Brit to get out of the situation. So Brit dropped the feelings, and him as a dancer---as in he's fired. So now divorced and fired--he's firing back with a little bit of his own.

As I reported Usher and Chilli broke up--but two sides are coming out. Both agree its over..but Usher says their friends...Chilli on the other hand says no way- that he's nothing like he portrays himself to be.

Ahh celebrity love affairs!

And thats wrap for today folks..enjoy and remember--our lives are complicated, we all need an escape--why not look at the people who make FAR too much money and go--well at least I'm not alone.

till next time.
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Let the Gossip Begin! [Feb. 17th, 2004|10:31 pm]
Gossip Guru

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Alas, here we are. The new community for fun people who enjoy knowing--the gossip around town. You know a dish that hasn't been posted, or just something you think is interesting---post damn it---spread the word!

February 17, 2004.

Post Valentine's Day- Love in the Air!

IF you read this tonight get your booty here to win a Grammy Gift Pack--including Cartier Sunglasses and Vera Wang Perfume!

Guess what dumb blondes are the new best of friends? I'll give you a hint they both have Nick's for Honeys? Thats right Paris and Jess Simpson are all the best of the pals--they hung out this past Grammy weekend. Let me get this straight- Blonde, hardly THAT talented, a litlte dumb but fabulous for reality televsion--with tall pop stars that haven't had a hit record in quite some time? Yea, I think I'll pass.

Speaking of Paris, she is one of three people this year that I think we could do without a new CD release. Paris, Jai Rodriquez (Queer Eye) and Kelly Osbourn are all releasing albums this year. What happened to having to have actual talent to have cd?

Want some Bennifer news? (you probably don't but I'll dish anyway), they talk almost everyday. While the relationship is la fizzle, J.Lo is working on hard on trying to be friends. Sources say she doesn't want to give up on Ben---she wants a damn baby!

Nia Vardelos (Big Fat Greek Wedding) may be suing FOX Networks over the title of their hit reality series, 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance'. She had her 15 minutes I think she's adorable, but give it up.

Neverland, aka the scary ass ranch that Michael Jackson called home, is apparently being courted. Not the legal sense, but in the purchasing sense by none other than Eminem. Something about Em and a ferris wheel and those branches spelling out Neverland...well scares me. Another angry white man moving in- go fig!

Janet Jackson is planning to launch her own line of underwear and jewelry, including nipple rings, leather bras and chastity belts

Trista, as in Bachelorette, and Ryan Sutter are contemplating babies--they say its in the future--but how soon, I guess we'll see.

Britney's dreams are coming true- her need to be so much like her idol Madonna climbed another step last week when MTV put Brit's video "Toxic" on the rotation no earlier than 11pm. Guess they forgot about TRL--but otherwise the video is to be banned during the morning/afternoon/early evening hours.

Jamie-Lynn DiScala (formerly Meadow of Soprano's fame) is taking another kind of mob--the one that dealt with many a court rooms--she'll be playing Heidi Fliess on the next boob tube TV movie.

Ashlee Simpson (sister of Jess and actress on Seventh Heaven) has apparently signed a deal with MTV for her own reality show---good lord!

Chilli (of TLC) and singer Usher have split--officially. Sources say Chilli's need to get married pushed Usher off of his 'got it bad' stage and right too--get another man, cuz I'm not the one.

Rumors are circulating that David Guest (of Liza Minnelli fame) has moved on, maybe to 2 day encarcerated Dianna Ross...interesting...

Speaking of couples Jamie Priestley and Kid Rock are an item. You wondering about Pam--well while she's not flirting with Tommy Lee---who is no longer with Pink--she went back to old boyfriend---she's (Pam) with her another ex--but an older one this time...uh huh.

TV news:
Moving on to second seaons: The Simple Life and The Apprentince.
Simon Cowell has another gig- at least for one night- this Sunday he'll be making his animated debut--on The Simpsons.

"Angel" The WB spin off has been cancelled and will finish this year out.

A show I think we need to watch out for, another BRAVO hit in the making, "Significant Others'. The premier is on March 9th and I have a feeling it could be another laugh out loud hit.

And for a new tradition
My pic for best dressed last week:

Simply Beautiful Drew

And the Blind Item:

What blonde NY socialite is dating a man who has enjoyed other men?
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